BarakaCreations is an Afrocentric store whose aim is to promote West African culture throughout the world.

In Swahili, the word Baraka means blessing. As a marketplace, BarakaCreation’s goal is not only to promote the wonderful and diverse West African culture but also to bless people. Because of this mission, BarakaCreations makes sure that the profits generated by each sale will go towards projects to help young people in Africa and elsewhere.

Each of us has seen countless African children embark on perilous trips across the seas or jungles in order to reach Western countries. All of these children go through these difficult journeys to escape the dire living conditions and lack of opportunities in their countries, but sadly many of them die during the journey.

These kids are just like any other kids in any other country. All that they are searching for is a good education, a safe atmosphere, and jobs in order to help raise a family. Instead of staying on a continent full of unexploited riches and improving the situation around them, they are forced to leave Africa because of the lack of funding available for them to get an education and job opportunities.

The profits from each and every BarakaCreations Store sale will go towards helping small projects aimed at creating higher youth employment and allowing more youths to stay home and work towards making Africa a better place.

As immigrants in the US, we the owners of the BararaCreations store,  are grateful to our adoptee country for giving us opportunities. A portion of the profits of the store will also go toward youth projects here in America.

With your kindness and support, BarakaCreations will be able to do its small part towards helping to increase the quality of life of children around the world and help make the world a better place.